How old is DD Osama 2024? Age, Birthday

The rise of young artists in drill music is a regular trend now. Many of these artists begin their careers in their teenage years, using music as an outlet to express their perspectives. Talk about Dd Osama age and his impact; then he surely brings genuine power to the music, circulating around young audience facing similar life situations. His appearance in the music scene along with the trend of new artists is making a great spot in the drill line.

How old is DD Osama 2024?

We only saw very few boys who got fame like DD Osama. It’s characterized by dark, grim, and aggressive lyrical content, often reflecting the harsh realities of his life. This genre later spread to other regions, including New York, where artists like him been contributing to its evolution.

So this year in 2024, how old is DD Osama is searched by many of his fans. It’s indeed surprising to see how quickly he has matured. With young fellow, his music not only reflects his private journey but also attach with thousands of viewers facing similar challenges and experiences.

DD Osama Age:

Initially, there was some confusion about DD Osama age, but as he gained fame, such details began to spread widely. As of today, he is 17 years, 2 month, and 23 days old, and with each passing day, his life likely brings something new. He has some special plan for this year that probably let out shortly.

Today Date How old is DD Osama?
21 Feb 17 years, 2 Months, and 23 Days

At a moment in the past, it was assumed that DD was broken after his brother’s death, who was also in the same profession. But now, he has recovered from this grief and came back to his work.


Normally, DD Osama celebrates his birthday limitedly. Especially after his brother incident, he has perhaps become more protective in life. Furthermore, his birth date is November 29, which his family didn’t know would be such a fortunate one.

Date of Birth Birth Year
29 Nov 2006

“Few facts about his Life”

Real Name David DeShaun Reyes
Nationality American
Siblings JayKlickin, JStar Balla and Notti Osama (Late) are his brothers
Is he kay flock son? No
Where does HE live? Harlem

he is dd osama

Whether consider personal struggles, societal issues, or much other type of challenges, DD Osama handles everything in best possible way in such young age. A few of his very good friends like sugarhill ddot helped him in multiple projects. Surely, he will learn much more in the coming phase of life, and couple of good collaborations will take him to another level of success.

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