Liver King Age: How old is he? (Updated)

This online personality and fitness motivator has sparked a huge interest among followers and the general public about his age. Known for advocating a lifestyle based on ancestral living and a primal diet, Liver King symbolizes strength, endurance, and a return to the roots of human existence. He gained initial popularity through his social media platforms where he showcases his muscular physique. His unique diet, which includes raw liver and other animal organs, combined with rigorous workout routines, quickly went viral.

Liver King Age:

One intriguing aspect of Liver King’s persona is his age. As of my last update in Feb 2024, his exact age is “46 years 9 months 30 days”. For sure, his impressive physical condition and vitality often lead people to wonder about his actual age and how his lifestyle choices might influence his aging process.

Today Date How old is Liver King?
6 Feb 46 years 9 months 30 days

“His Birthday Stats”

  • Date of Birth: 7 Apr
  • Year: 1977

Organ meats are identified to be rich in vitamins and Liver King attributes his energy levels and physical condition to his diet. This raises questions about the potential anti aging effects of such a diet and whether it could be a contributing factor to his youthful appearance.

Apart from his diet, Liver King’s engages in rigorous physical training that includes weightlifting, endurance exercises, and outdoor activities. This level of fitness, especially at this age adds to the fascination surrounding him.

His support for a return to old time living is very attractive. Such impact raises questions about the modern lifestyle and diet, and whether there are lessons to be learned from our ancestors.


Real Name Brian Johnson
Where does HE live? Texas
Kids (Son) Rad and Stryker
His Health Probably, Alright
Where is HE from? Austin

an different type of person

Despite popularity, Liver King has faced criticisms, especially regarding the sustainability and practicality of his lifestyle recommendations. Critics argue that his diet and fitness routines may not be suitable or safe for everyone. They have this opinion that there are concerns about the potential risks associate with consuming raw meats.

Indeed, his presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube has allowed him to promote his lifestyle. However, it also means that his character is subject to the scrutiny and influence of the online community. Whether one agrees with his methods or not, Liver King’s influence on the conversation about health and fitness is undeniable. Importantly, many of people are also agree with him.

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